Trial official start 9am - but tasks will be available before

The trial will run from 9am onwards. You can start earlier if you wish but you need to register for us to open jobs on your account. If you have technical issues it is possible to continue late or the next day. You can start the work when you are ready. Help will be available on skype, but use the contact form on the right predominantly..

You begin by logging in (Office Login) and claiming tasks (3 to start) in the first (research) stage. You login using the username and password you signed up with at writer sign up Here's a short video that runs through all of the process very quickly. Short Trial Process Summary This does not replace the 2 longer videos, which give far more detail, but it should ensure you stay on track and answer lots of questions.
Here are the links to the videos. Training Video 1. --- Training Video 2. You must watch these before you start
The Ai Research and write content passes through an artificial intelligence network that does a lot of work. It can take a couple of hours to run when lots of people submit to it at the same time. Get on with researching another task or rad around the topic while it gets the job done.
1. Putting in ai research and write searches that are not relevant. You must do searches that include the asset in the field in the researcher or it won;t work. This is an Artificial Intelligence system so you need to tell it what you want.
2. Not following the brief and template. You need to make sure you understand the brief and follow the structure. Include the link references and the questions.
3. Not even looking at the page and doing the wrong asset.
You login on the same page as for your writer account and find the tasks you completed and finish those ready for publication- Office Login . The login details are Username- Password- MondayTeam .
To add us on Skype you enter YesDailyPosts in the search box of Skype. Skype is a free application to use and it makes it easy for us to put people in groups. Our existing teams are on Skype. You can download Skype on your phone and it makes it really easy to communicate. You can see messages and react to messages that you may have missed if your Internet went down, or your power was struggling.
When you have confirmed attendance in the Google sheet we will send the data allowance. We will send you a small amount that should cover your day of trial which you can convert to a package. We are trialing around 100 staff potentials so we are only going to be adding data to those that seem committed.
You'll be expected to complete three pieces of work minimum during the file day. When you watch the video you will understand what that takes.
If you have a question and then fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will add the answer as a frequently asked question on this page within a short period of time. In this way we will answer the questions and provide you with a knowledge base so that your questions help other people as well. Please do not ask lots of questions on Skype in groups as that would disrupt the flow of conversation.
If you are having trouble downloading the video you can use this link here, which 100% works shorturl. at/ruwEW The link in the email sent will also work so any problems may be down to your data allowance, device or some other technology factor. You also need to make sure that you have a program that will play the video after downloading. The file format of the video is MP4, which is a very common video format.
Sign up for the office at When you sign up don't worry too much about the rate. We will be using your application rates for the probation periods and later to discuss ongoing payment.
We have to permission accounts to see the tasks in the office. We will open up tasks before your trial day commences and once you have confirmed attendance for the trial. If you can’t see tasks on the day of your trial then pop a message through the form below.
All of the staff in the company are using Skype and so it is compulsory. It is a very easy to use application and provides an excellent environment for group communication, teambuilding and the development of knowledge through training and mentoring teams.
If you can't find us on Skype then fill out the form below and tell us your Skype name/ID and we will add you to get the connection established.
Yes. We have staff that have been with us over five years and have taken on management roles. There is lots of opportunity for growth in the company and for increased earnings in the future as you build a career with us.
Those that are successful will have a telephone interview/conversation and then will be offered a contract with a three-month probation period, followed by ongoing full time employment.
If you are struggling with the instructions in the video then watch the video again. Try to actively go through the process of a task whilst watching the video and make your learning active rather than just passively watching. Take notes as you go through and do your best to follow the processes and use the tools. The organization and editing of content is the main work that takes the most skill as the research and submission of research should be fairly straightforward for these tasks.
Tasks will be opened up at the start of the trial.
You need to have enough common sense to understand hat the page is for from the brief. If you do a search on (change geo settings to UK or US) you will get a good idea of the topic. Frase and the rewritten research in the office will give you the content you need, along with your google searches. These trial tasks are on similar topics so the research is very straightforward.
You need a computer to complete this work. Some of the tasks can be completed on a mobile, but dragging and dropping content etc cannot. If you only have a mobile phone available for the trial then you can do your best with it, but it's likely you will be severely limited in your work.
Most skype contact will be over text chat, pointing you to things and sharing instructions in visual format. We may want to get hold of you at some point for a voice chat, but we can do that over the phone if needs be.
It’s a combination. The tools in the office will give you reworded content and research. You need to ensure there is good content flow and organisation. You may need to do small bits of linking writing or extra text.